Rapid Digitization & Digital Marketing for ANY Industry

Prodigitude provides progressive, state-of-the-art marketing and advertising services for all marketing cornerstones in any industry. Providing a partnership mentality, omnichannel strategies, and centralized data and experience management we can simplify your IT architectures, automate processes, create impressive digital experiences and drive profitable results.

Elevated Marketing & Creativity to Amplify Your Business.

Our extensive experience in various verticals combined with our robust and unique solutions have led our agency to focus on six key sectors. Click on one to learn more about how we can catapult your business growth.

Senior and Assisted Living Communities

With a team of seasoned professionals, we specialize in developing innovative digital solutions for today’s communities. Our agile and adaptable approach helps your community stand out from the crowd by capitalizing on human experiences across all aspects—from creative branding and marketing campaigns, to data analytics and in-depth tracking—we help create magic at every interaction between resident and community needs and wants.


Technology, IT & MSP

With 30+ years of branding and marketing technology companies under our belts, we recognize the importance of creating an innovation-led, experience transformation for today’s technology, IT, and MSP organization. Our expertise in developing agile and adaptable digital solutions across Experience, Data, Commerce, and Creative enables us to make your organization stand out among the crowd. At Prodigitude, we create magic at the intersection of human experiences, technology, and marketing insights.


Franchise & Multi-location Entities

The global business environment is evolving, as is the way that companies must interact with their customers. We provide a comprehensive range of services to help you expand and grow your franchise business. Our team can deliver franchise development marketing empowering you to sell more franchise locations as a franchisor. We also bring superior operational marketing for you and your franchisees to acquire and retain loyal customers. By developing a strong and consistent brand, our efforts will help your company stand out in today’s competitive marketplace.


State & Local Government and Education (SLED)

Every government website stores huge amounts of data, much of it sensitive and private, with heavy traffic and important services that are needed to provide help to its users. As proud Acquia Partners agencies rest assured knowing their content will be delivered quickly and securely across the globe. Additionally, our digital experience platforms offer centralized data and experience management solutions equipped with AI and machine learning functionality providing personalization, community building, and other social tools essential for a government or educational institution’s digital presence.



Prodigitude Healthcare-Focused solutions provide enhanced patient experience, protection of PHI, and nearly endless customization to drive patient engagement and improve provider satisfaction. Our digital experience platform (DXP) allows healthcare organizations to control costs while providing deeper patient and consumer engagement with information that improves lives. We will integrate your EHR and any other platforms into a centralized data, asset and experience management platform. Custom portals are accessible to patients on a whole array of devices and its encryption system is HIPAA-compliant to protect sensitive patient data.



The manufacturing sector is changing at a rapid pace, with new product advancements, shifting market conditions, and rising consumer expectations. CIOs in manufacturing organizations are busy trying to increase sales volume, improve the product value chain, and provide seamless customer experiences. We assist manufacturing firms in improving operational excellence and producing faster, more efficient results by pushing digitization, empowering salespeople, and delivering purposeful messaging automatically.



The business needs of a non-profit vary greatly and require a solution that is easily scalable. Our team will partner with you to drive brand awareness and deliver seamless digital experiences. Our fit-for-you solutions will provide your organization with a simple and intuitive user interface allowing for efficient business management and, above all, increased user engagement resulting in more donations. As your foundation grows our “one-site” approach will ensure all locations see the same content no matter their location or language. This centralized user journey allows website visitors to travel through the world of your non-profit in an informative and emotional way.


Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

The numbers don’t lie, and neither do our clients. Take a look at some Case Studies and Before & Afters to get a better idea of the results you can expect with Prodigitude!

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LivGenerations (now Clearwater Living) are senior communities designed for living life to the fullest, with many amenities and programs.

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Core Recovery provides individualized assessment, education, and treatment for trauma, substance abuse, addictions, and mental health conditions.

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Archspec sales consults architects, building owners, and facility managers on commercial restroom design.