Full-Service Marketing and Data Driven Digitization for Manufacturing

We help Manufacturing companies improve operational excellence and bring quicker and smarter results by driving digitization, empowering sales reps and delivering intentional messaging automatically.

Data Driven Digitization

At Prodigitude we understand Manufacturing companies have been built upon traditional methods, long term relationships, and customer referrals. We also understand Manufacturers have bigger expectations than ever before, especially when it comes to time-to-market and user experiences. As a result, the manufacturing industry is changing to consolidate scattered data and improve product experience through digitization.


Digitization, digitalization and digital transformation are three terms we have seen emerging over the past several years, all representing the concept of moving something from an analog state to that of a digital existence.

Manufacturing companies and their distributors can benefit greatly by integrating their current sales and marketing efforts with digital strategies. We can help your company adapt to how your buyers are buying right here and right now as well as ensure you can meet your future customer where they will be.

Manufacturing in the Digital Age

The manufacturing sector is evolving rapidly, with new product developments, changing market conditions, and increasing consumer expectations. CIOs in manufacturing businesses are busy trying to increase sales growth, enhance the product value-chain, and provide seamless customer experiences.

Manufacturing operations require significant changes in order to stay competitive. This is where digitization of physical items, services, and processes is becoming increasingly important for manufacturing businesses.

Our solutions provide a marketing engine that fuels a pipeline for your sales team, increasing conversions, optimizing operational efficiency, and driving profits. Using KPIs to define goals and business objectives we track and measure marketing efforts to ensure the desired outcomes are being achieved. Rather than focusing on traffic, SEO rankings or quantifying leads generated we ensure conversions are happening and that your total cost of ownership is low.

Digital Enablement with Prodigitude Solutions

You prospective clients are actively looking for answers to their questions online right now. So while most manufacturers are busy tasking their marketing managers with print brochures and product catalogs, the progressive ones are providing answers to questions in the digital world.

At Prodigitude we develop digital strategies that include touch points for all key buying process influencers because if your first touch is procurement, you are already too late. Our personalization and nurturing tactics earn their attention and trust by helping and guiding them so when the buying process eventually does move into procurement’s hands they will be your advocates.

Creative value. Earn Attention and Trust

The purpose of your company’s marketing materials is to earn their attention and trust by being their best resource. Our Creative as a Service model can provide you with the content needed to be the resource your potential customers are looking for. By developing strategies that speak to the challenges they are facing, genuinely help them and demonstrate thought leadership along the way, you’ll then earn the right to begin the sales process.

Our team can help your organization provide:

Informational blogs

Downloadable ebooks

Videos of your experts discussing key topics

Webinars where you’re actively teaching and responding to prospects’ inquiries in a live setting

Audio content, like a podcast or guesting airing on an industry podcast

We work closely with your firm and immerse ourselves on how your prospects consume information. From there, we continue to optimize our efforts to increase conversion rates and nurture relationships.




Capture Demand Where It Exists

Regardless, when those active buyers are looking for a solution, they go to places like:

Their professional network


Social Media

Industry resources or organizations

While you may not know exactly who is buying right now, it is crucial to make sure they know you. This is where Marketing Elevated comes in. Search engine optimization (SEO) is important but it is a long term strategy, especially if you are just getting started. Paid advertising (think Google Ads) is a perfect compliment to SEO as it provides short term gains. Our team of online advertising experts will construct campaigns that will attract leads exhibiting high buying intent. Additionally we can implement behavior tracking solutions so that prospects remember your company long after they have left your website.

Relationship Nurturing Excellence with Cloud EBP

Conversions are the end goal, but we make sure to also nurture the relationships of those who have yet to convert as well as those who have already converted. Studies show 97.5 - 99% of your organization’s lead base will not be looking to convert immediately but they may be ready in a week, or a month, or a year. With our Elevated Business Platform, Cloud EBP, your leads will be nurtured with the right content, on the right channel, at the right time. Using our AI and machine learning driven automation workflows, we will deliver the right content and resources to your leads no matter where they are in the buying process.

autovscarm purple


Any data (single domain or multidomain) of any size may be delivered in alignment with your company's values and organizational goals, regardless of the source.

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With product information management, digital asset management, and web content management solutions built in, we will create consistent B2B or B2C omnichannel experiences for your business.

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React to market demands quicker with centralized data in a single platform (website, clients, and catalogues).

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Transform raw data, content, and digital assets from numerous sources into required formats, then syndicate and distribute messaging across multiple channels with defined processes and workflows.

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Revise, document, and automate the web-to-print database publishing procedure for creating B2B and B2C product catalogs, PDFs, price sheets, and customized marketing & sales collateral. Automate the transmission of product information and other repetitive activities. Connect business applications to IoT data or real-world data to build interoperability.



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Use a single source for product assortment evolution, rapid SKU development, multi-channel sales, and faster new product onboarding. Further increase brand loyalty and revenue by boosting customer retention.

Deliver Better Customer Experiences


Deliver accurate, up-to-date, and compliant product data, digital assets, and related content in order to enhance efficiency and offer a more engaging online experience for customers.


Improve product visibility, increase customer engagement, and boost conversion rate by effectively interacting with customers in the channel of their choice.


Data is the foundation of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and even 3D printing. Our platform will help you use both data and next-generation technologies to create intelligent decisions, discover new possibilities, extend values, and even reinvent customer experiences by leveraging them together.

Benefits to Manufacturers

Operational Excellence

Marketing-sales alignment

Data Consolidation

Data Synchronization



Multidomain data management

Accelerated Business Growth

Omnichannel enablement

Accurate, consistent and compliant product information

Automated workflows

Deliver in hours instead of days


Measurable results


Getting Started with Prodigitude

Marketing’s success should be judged based on how much it contributes to the pipeline, bearing in mind most of your total addressable market is not actively buying at this moment. Our Marketing Elevated services ensure your firm can capture the demand where it exists, complimented by our CaaS and Cloud EBP we will create an effective manufacturing process that involves:

Incrementally generating brand awareness

Building authority and trust by establishing a position as a thought leader in your space

Capturing demand where it exists while building demand where it doesn’t

Along the way, we will monitor and report on items such as:

​Organic search rankings

Website traffic growth

Volume of form submissions on your website

Creating a flywheel of continuous improvement by analyzing your marketing KPIs

Rinsing and repeating

Engagement rates with content across multiple channels

Consumption of assets